About Us

Hi There, we´re NOT SO ORDINARY 

Standing in front of a closet filled with clothes, yet feeling like we have nothing to wear, is a relatable moment for most of us.  

It’s no secret it’s fun to wear something new, (and no secret exploring your style isn't exciting,) but it's definitely no secret we buy items for a specific occasion in mind, and end up only wearing it that one time...    

NOT SO ORDINARY was born with the vision to create a closet with pieces that you would love to wear for all your occasions, whether that be a wedding, party or dinner with friends. To us, it doesn’t make sense to pay full price for a dress you only wear once. It’s not very budget friendly, and let’s just face it, not environmentally friendly either.  

Our mission is to make sure you can express yourself and your style without compromising on design or sustainability. We are inviting you to a closet that is continuously updated with  styles, colors and silhouettes, available to rent, all so you can enjoy what's most important; Creating memories with great people, in outfits you feel great in.