Our Production

When beginning the process of finding a manufacturer for our collection, we already knew what was important to us. Because we have years of experience working in the fashion industry and knowing how production works, and of course being consumers of fashion goods, we wanted to find a partner that shared our vision for Agenda 2030 goal number 12. responsible consumption and production. 

But what does that really mean? 

We set out to find a manufacturer, or rather seamstresses that solely worked with very small quantities. We wanted to find someone that would even only produce as little as one piece.
We found, through networking, a group of independent seamstresses in Vilnius, Lithuania, that only worked with smaller quantities. We spoke through video calls, we got to know our visions and mission with our businesses and started the process of creating our collection. 

We began the design process and the search for the right fabrics. Knowing there is an endless supply of dead stock fabrics, we began searching for companies that could provide us small quantities of fabrics. 

The development of our pieces started with the seamstress/pattern maker draping on a mannequin. This 3D development makes it easy to get a first idea of what the dresses will look like, and also makes it easy to make changes before sewing, saving both time and resources. Our seamstress also provided us with 3D digital sketches to show different outcomes, such as length and placements. This too, helped the process of minimizing samples and resources. 

 The samples were sewn and we continues on to production, all made by the seamstresses, carefully putting every piece together to a complete garment.