Terms & Conditions


Welcome to Not So Ordinary!

Not so Ordinary is a clothing rental service provided through, but not limited to, Our online platform* www.notsoordinary.se.

Not so Ordinary provides, through its website and mobile applications (collectively referred to as the "Platform"), a marketplace for customers wishing to rent Our assortment, purchase from Our Shop, or engage with Our community.

*We may also do occasional pop ups and other collaborations where you will have access to our rental service in person.


 These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") shall be applicable between each customer (hereinafter referred to as “You”) and Not so Ordinary AB, org.no 559305-8067 (hereinafter referred to as "Not So Ordinary", "We" and / or "Us") and regarding Your use of Not so ordinary’s Service (the "Service").

By ‘Our Service’ we are referring to solely our rental offer.

Our rental Service provides the opportunity to rent garments, days, weeks and months in advance through Our booking system. You simply choose the dates and days You want to rent over, and follow the steps to check out. Please see “How it works” for more information.
In each of Our rental garments, You will find an NFC chip on the care label. While You are renting from Us, You have the opportunity to scan the chip with Your mobile phone to access information about Us, Our production and products, You can even rent Your next garment through the chip!

We reserve the right to update Our Terms at any point. You will be notified via email when Our Terms has been updated.


In order to make a purchase via the website, You must accept the Terms. By accepting the Terms, You agree to comply with the Terms in their entirety, and agree that You have read the information about personal data usage, and agreed to the use of personal data and cookies according to Not so Ordinary’s Integrity Policy, and Klarna's terms and privacy policy in its entirety.

You must be 18 years or older to enter this agreement with Not so Ordinary.


A purchase agreement is entered into only when We have confirmed Your order and You have received the order confirmation from Us via e-mail. Not so Ordinary urges You to save the order confirmation for any future contacts that may be necessary with Not so Ordinary Customer Care.


We reserve the right to update the Terms at any point. You will be notified when our Terms have been updated and given a fair opportunity to approve our new Terms. By using Our Services after an update has been made, it will be automatically considered You have agreed to the new Terms.



The membership is personal and is intended for You who is connected to the account. As a family, You cannot share one account, unless You are under 18 years old and have a guardian as the account holder. The guardian is responsible for orders placed and Terms apply as per usual to the account holder.



You can book a garment days, weeks and months in advance. We will adjust the delivery date so that Your item is at Your pick-up provider or delivered to Your home on the first day of Your chosen rental span.

Ex. If You have booked Thursday-Sunday rental, Your item will be delivered on that Thursday. We will send out a delivery status e-mail so You can track Your package once Your order is processed and shipped.                                                                                                      

You accept that We are not liable for any failure to fulfil any obligation towards You if such failure is due to reason of force majeure character such as, but not exclusively, industrial disputes and any other circumstance beyond the control of Us, such as fire, natural disasters and extreme natural events, mobilization or military call up of a comparable scope, requisition, war, seizure, trade and currency restrictions, insurrection and civil commotion, shortage of transport, general shortage of materials, restrictions in the supply of power and defects or delays in deliveries by subcontractors caused by any such circumstance as referred to in this clause.                                  
You can change Your delivery address up to 48h before Your order is sent out. If You have not provided correct delivery information to Us by then, we are not liable for the package delivery and You may be charged additional fees for delayed return, and/or lost goods.




Find Your return date in Your confirmation e-mail. The return date is on the last day of Your rental period.

If the return is due on a public holiday, You have until the next upcoming weekday to send out the return.

Ex. If Your return date is on a Tuesday but it’s a public holiday, the next weekday is Wednesday. 

Weekends counts are regular days, unless it is a public holiday, then above example applies.


Returns – step by step


  1. Pack the garment(s) in the same package that your garment(s) was delivered in
  2. Attach enclosed return slip to the package and leave the package at Your nearest postal agent
  3. All set! Plan ahead for Your next event!


If You have lost the return slip or have any other problems returning Your order, contact Us and We will help You. Use subject line “RETURN” and e-mail hello@notsoordinary.se. Do not forget to clearly include Your name and order number.


Size policy and right of withdrawal

If the garment does not fit, You need to contact Us and return Your garment within 24 hours after receiving Your order. Please contact us at hello@notsoordinary.se with subject line “SIZE ISSUE” and describe your issue and attach a picture as well if possible. You will then be asked to fill out a return form. Please use the same return label that came in your package.
We will reimburse You for the rental period, however You till be charged for the postal fees. *From 18/7-22 until 31/9-22 We will reimburse the full amount including postal fees.*
If we deem the garment to be used or damage when we receive and review the returned garment, We reserve the right to refuse Your request for a refund. Additionally, We have the right to charge the cost of mending and dry cleaning if necessary. We also have the right to end a membership if You are violating the Terms.



In the instance that We are unable to fulfill Your order. Ex if a garment was destroyed during a previous rental period or if an item has been accidentally double booked, We will contact You as soon as We can to solve the issue that has occurred. You will be given the option to either cancel Your order or to have the item replaced.



Your order can be cancelled up to 24h before the delivery date (first day of the rental period).
If You contact Us within less than 24h, You will be informed by email that Your cancelation request was not approved, and will be given the option to still receive the garment(s), or for Us to keep the order. You will be liable to pay for the full rental period if the cancellation was not approved. 


To cancel Your order, please email hello@notsoordinary.se with subject line “ORDER CANELLATION”, and provide Your order confirmation number, and reason behind Your cancellation. After You submit Your email to cancel Your order, You will receive a cancellation confirmation e-mail. Refunds can take up to 10 working days to Your chosen payment method.
If You have chosen Klarna as payment method, Klarna's terms and conditions apply.

Information gathered from Klarna's website* regarding refunds:
It takes about 2-5 bank days to process a customer refund.
Direct payment: The amount is refunded to the same account the customer used at check out. Invoice: The amount will be refunded directly if the customer paid through Klarna's app or via Klarna.com.

*This information may change over time. Please visit Klarna.com for information.


Should the garment(s) be damaged upon receipt, this must be reported within 24h of receiving the order. Contact Us at hello@notsoordinary.se with subject line “DAMADGED GARMENT + order number” and explain the damage with photo and text. Please include order number in Your email as well.

If the outer packaging is damaged, You must report this immediately to the postal agent directly, regardless of whether You can determine whether the product is damaged or not inside. You have no obligation to receive damaged goods. We are not responsible for damaged packages, so please contact the postal agent directly.


You will receive an email when Your package is ready for pick up at Your pick-up location. If You do not pick up Your package, the package will be returned to us, and you will be charged a handling fee of SEK 250, and You will also be liable and charged for Your rental period and any additional fees that may apply due to a delayed or lost return.
For an acceptable cancellation of Your rental garment(s), please follow the 24h cancellation rule. Read more under “Cancel Your order” in section 8.


Normal wear and tear are included in the cost of Your order rental, but through adding our ‘Not so Ordinary Coverage’ to Your rental order in Your order options, You will be covered for any costs related to further damages beyond normal “wear and tear” *. In the event of an item being destroyed, lost, mistreated or stolen, You will be liable for compensating the garment's original store price. Do not hesitate to contact Us Hello@notsoordinary.se with Your questions and We will explain more and guide You.

*Please read “Not so Ordinary Coverage” to know what it covers, and does not cover.



On the last day of the rental period, all garments must be submitted to the postal agent or a courier must be booked.  If Your order is not sent out on the last return day, You will be charged SEK100 additionally for each delayed day until the item is submitted to a postal office. If the garment(s) are not received after 5 days after the last return date, the return is considered non-delivery and You will be liable for compensating the amount corresponding to the garment's original store price, including previous delay fees.  

If You have any issues returning Your order. Please contact hello@notsoordinay.se as soon as possible.




If You are missing an garment(s) or have received the wrong garment(s), You must report it to Not so Ordinary´s Customer Care (Hello@notsoordinary.se) or by scanning the chip in the garment and filling out the form within 24h days of received package. Please use subject line “INCORRECT DELIVERY + order number”. Order number and name MUST be included in e-mail or in the form. Please state which garment(s) is missing or what garment has been incorrectly delivered and We will help You further.




You may not wash or dry clean any of Our clothing.
In the instance of You receiving an item that needs to be pressed upon arrival, You are liable to make sure the right temperature is used on that specific garment. If You for example melt a dress due to too high temperature, You will be liable to compensate the garment at store price.

Never iron on top of a zipper. If We notice this has occurred, You will be liable to any additional cost related to exchanging the zipper.
Please read about our ‘Not so Ordinary Coverage’ here.  




By renting from Not so Ordinary, You approve that there is an NFC chip* inside Your rental item that may not be removed.

You can scan the tag with Your mobile phone to see the information We have stored inside the chip, like information about Our production, product information, contact forms and more.

A fee of 500kr will be added if the tag has been removed when the item is returned.


No garment(s) that You purchase through Our Shop will have the NCF chip. The NFC chip is solely for Our Service.


*Why an NFC chip?

We have integrated NFC Chips in our garments due to multiple reasons.
For internal use, the chip enables Us to better keep track of Our garments, in stages such as send out, returns, and washing. This in turn helps Us provide You a better service.

As a customer, We want You to be able to easily access information about Not so Ordinary as a company, the garment You are wearing, Our garment production, and be able to easily get in contact with Us.

No personal data is stored within the chip.



Normal wear and tear are included in the cost of Your order rental, but through adding insurance to Your order in the order options, You will be covered for any costs related to further damages beyond normal “Wear and tear”.
In the event of an item being destroyed, stolen, lost, or treated with carelessness, You will be liable for compensating the garment's original store price. Do not hesitate to contact Us Hello@notsoordinary.se and We will explain more and guide You.

Please read about our Not so Ordinary Coverage here.

It is very important that ANY stain, zipper complication, button missing etc. is reported to Us before returning Your order. Please follow the link “Comments on order”. It is Important to include order number and name, photo of issue being reported on and short explanation.




We offer the option of adding Our ‘Not so Ordinary Coverage’ to each of Your rental garments for an additional cost. The cost varies from garment to garment. Our coverage aims to make sure You feel secure renting from Us, knowing that if anything happens during the rental period, We have got You covered.


What the Coverage covers:

  • Wear and tear and damages that are not caused by carelessness.

Examples of what It covers: Wine stain, snag in fabric.

It is very important that ANY stain, zipper complication, button missing etc. is reported to Us before returning Your order. Please follow the link “Comments on order”. It is Important to include order number, name, and photo of issue being reported on and short explanation.
To provide Us with this information, You can also scan the NFC chip in Your rental garment and follow the same steps previously mentioned.

The insurance does not cover:

  • Theft
  • Lost garment(s)
  • Significantly Damaged
  • Carelessness


When We review each item after a rental period, We reserve the right to determine if a product will/should be categorized as significantly damaged/have been treated carelessly.  

You will be liable to pay the full retail price if Your item has been stolen, lost or significantly damaged or carelessly treated.  



All purchases made from our shop are final sale.